Benefits of Pneumatic Conveying for the Food & Beverage Industry

Pneumatic conveying systems are an efficient means of transporting a wide variety of bulk materials like powders and granules. It should come as no surprise then that the food and beverage industry uses this technology to move pet food, flour, sugar, wheat, oats, coffee, chocolate, salt, spices, clean side grain, dry milk, and even bone marrow throughout their facilities.

Advantages of Using Pneumatics in Food

There are several advantages to using a pneumatic conveyor system in the food and beverage industry over more traditional, mechanical systems.


Lower Maintenance, Higher Safety

Compared to mechanical systems, pneumatic systems have few moving parts, making them easier to maintain and less dangerous to operators and maintenance staff. This simplicity also makes them more reliable than other, more complex technologies.


Less Spillage and Dust Leakage

Product granules and dust are better contained through the enclosed lines of a pneumatic conveying system than in a mechanical conveying system. The enclosed nature of the pipeline also means that the risk of product contamination from outside dust and moisture is significantly reduced.


Better Sanitation

When the pipes and elbows of the pneumatic system are made of high-performance stainless steel, they can withstand the caustic cleaning agents often used in the wash-downs necessary to keep the system clean. Fewer electronics and computers in the system also make cleaning the entire system faster because there aren’t as many delicate parts to worry about damaging.


Enhanced Flexibility

The compact design of pipe transfer lines allows them to be custom designed around existing systems that would be impractical with mechanical ones. Pneumatic tubes also need less floor space, and their horizontal and vertical pipes allow them to go almost anywhere.



In general, pneumatic devices are less expensive than their mechanical counterparts due to having fewer electronic parts, and it’s also cheaper to expand on existing conveying systems. Teams working with pneumatic systems often require less ramp-up and training when new equipment is installed, saving time and money on downtime.


Energy Efficiency

Operators can optimize energy usage and reduce cost by precisely controlling the pressure within their pneumatic conveyance systems. Precise pressure control means that only the amount of pressure and energy needed to do the job gets used, and shorter airflow paths that require less volume can enable smaller tubing designs, further increasing efficiency.

From lower maintenance costs and affordability to less contamination and better sanitation, pneumatics conveyance systems are one of the best ways to move products anywhere within a food and beverage facility. When a pneumatic conveyance system is custom built to your needs, they perform in ways that generic mechanical systems just can’t match.


If you need help in selecting the right elbows for your pneumatic conveying system, it’s best to talk with an expert so you can ensure you get the correct components for your needs. 

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