The 7 Best Videos About Pneumatic Conveying We've Seen

Understanding how pneumatic conveying systems work is easier when you can see them in action, and each of these videos will add to your knowledge. You’ll also discover the origins of pneumatic conveying - and even how to use pneumatic conveying as a beer delivery system! These are the seven best videos we’ve seen about pneumatic conveying. 

Conveying Systems for pellets


This annotated video is highly informative, demonstrating in detail the different parts of a pneumatic conveying system such as the feeding and receiving hoppers, conveying pipe, airflow control unit, rotary valve, and the pick-up tee, as well as the different types of flow (dense-phase and dilute-phase). The graphical representation of the mathematical relationships between conveying pressure and terminal velocity of the conveying gas makes a complex subject easier to understand. 



History of Pneumatic Conveying


HowStuffWorks videos are always genuinely interesting, and their history of pneumatic conveying is no exception. Did you know that the idea of pneumatic tubes can be traced back to the ancient Greeks? We didn’t, either! In this video, you’ll find out when the first working pneumatic systems in cities were installed, what they were used for, and how they worked. 






Pneumatic Beer Delivery System


In this entertaining Science Channel video, two buddies build a DIY pneumatic conveying system that delivers cans of beer to their sofa. Their innovative use of plastic tubes, plywood, duct tape, a radio remote control, motor, and of course a beer fridge, shows MacGyver-like resourcefulness - while demonstrating how pneumatic systems work in a simple and very fun way. 



Physics of fluid dynamics


This in-depth video series covers the physics of fluid dynamics in great detail, and is a good watch if you already have a good basic knowledge that you want to expand on. These 36 videos will enhance your understanding on how solid particles like plastic pellets or wheat grain move like fluid through a pneumatic conveying system air, alongside all the mathematical principles involved.


The funnel flow of solids


This video from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) clearly explains the funnel flow of solid particles through bins, hoppers, feeders and chutes. It explores what happens when solid particles pass one of these components, and how different movements can cause flow problems in pneumatic conveying systems. 



The difference between dense phase and dilute phase flow


This basic pneumatic conveying explainer video illustrates the difference between dense phase flow and dilute phase flow through clear animations. Find out more about dense phase flow, where low air velocity is used over a short distance, and dilute phase flow, where the air velocity is faster and is used for long distance conveyance.



How to measure an elbow for a Pneumatic Conveying Cystem


A little amusing, we know, but our own video on measuring elbows shows you how simple and easy it is to do, with complete instructions and a handy accompanying guide on measuring your centerline radius (CLR).





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