The Importance of High-Quality Fabrication in Pneumatic Conveying Systems

With hundreds of manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers to choose from, it’s never been easier to find reliable, well-fitting replacement parts. And with our PneuComponents online store up and running, you can even skip the sales process and buy pneumatic conveying parts online!

But sometimes, an off-the-shelf solution simply doesn’t cut it. Perhaps you need custom components that meet strict specifications. Or maybe you’ve got an innovative idea that existing parts don’t cater to. In these kinds of cases, you need a manufacturer that offers high-quality fabrication services.


What is fabrication?

Fabrication is the process of custom manufacturing components from metal, wood, laminates, and other solid-surface materials. It’s commonly used to make parts for engines, industrial machinery, tools, and appliances, and is vital for those who want to prototype a new invention.

In the past, fabrication was an entirely manual process. But nowadays it usually involves a computer-aided design (CAD) program and a computer numerical control (CNC) tooling device. CNC technologies communicate with and direct machines on the shop floor to produce components from the CAD blueprints.


How does fabrication work?

The precise steps in the fabrication process depend on what you’re trying to produce and the materials you intend to use. But no matter what the final outcome will be, it always starts with the design.

For simple products, a hand-drawn diagram might be sufficient. But more complex or detailed designs typically use CAD programs. These are often followed by a prototyping step to visualize and test different iterations of an original product.

Following this, the fabrication process might include:

  • Cutting the raw materials, often with lasers, mill bits, or water jets
  • Forming flat-sheet metal into a 3D shape without adding or removing material
  • Machining a solid block into the desired shape by removing material with lathes, mills, drills, and other tools
  • Punching and stamping holes into the material using a press
  • Bending the material using hammers, press brakes, tube-bending tools, and so on
  • Assembling the final product through adhesives, rivets, fasteners, binding, crimping, or welding

Top 6 benefits of high-quality fabrication


1) Gives you higher-quality machines

The efficiency and profitability of your pneumatic conveying system depends on the quality of its parts and construction. Fabrication allows you to order parts that are tailor-made to suit your products and system requirements, all made to your precise specifications from high-grade materials. This exacting quality control can deliver much better results than mass-produced options, giving you a powerful competitive edge.


2) Improves cost-effectiveness

The vast majority of pneumatic conveying components on the market are designed to suit the broadest applications possible. While this makes it easy to find good parts for your system, it makes it almost impossible to find those that perfectly match your operational needs.

With high-quality fabrication, you can source components that are uniquely designed to resist wear and minimize damage in your system. Since they’ve been built from the ground up to offer peak performance in your specific context, it’s likely that they can remain in your system for longer without being replaced. That means you spend less money on replacement parts in the long run, reducing system downtime and boosting total throughput.


3) Faster turnaround times

The more time you spend waiting for custom parts, the more you miss out on your productivity potential. Worse, if you’ve ordered an integral part and have no spares available, your system could grind to a halt while you wait.

Choosing a fabrication shop that offers an exceptional quality of service means you’ll see the results you want much faster than the industry standard. And since these shops typically use state-of-the-art equipment, you can expect to receive a superior product. Outlets that offer high-quality fabrication services also tend to have more resources available, letting you easily source custom parts even during the busiest and most demanding periods.


4) Consistency in custom components

Industrial facilities require a high level of consistency to regularly meet customer demands. When you request custom fabrication, you can specify dimensions, capacity, operating conditions, features, and a wide range of other variables. That means you can give your clients an outstanding service that matches their needs, making you a highly valuable partner.


5) Greater safety and reliability

Accidents, outages, and failures caused by subpar components can threaten the safety of both your staff and your operation. So rather than take the risk of a generic component, high-quality fabrication gives you a pneumatic conveying system you know you can trust. This confidence allows you to provide a better working environment and ensure peak productivity, which enhances every aspect of your business.


6) Inspires customer loyalty

Superior parts lead to superior production. That means you can deliver a faster, more reliable, and better-quality service that encourages customers to choose you again and again. This powerful reputation gives you a strong competitive edge that helps your business stand out and continue to grow long term.


Enhance your business with high-quality fabrication from Progressive Products Inc.

When you arrange high-quality fabrication from a reliable provider, you’re able to provide superior products at a faster rate to keep your clients engaged. That’s why we provide a complete range of exceptional fabrication services for all manner of industries, tailored to meet your individual specifications.

Using state-of-the-art plasma and water-jetting tools, our certified welders deliver turnkey products that are expertly assembled to your exacting standards. Manufacturers across the US and worldwide rely on us for custom components that seamlessly integrate with their systems. As a result, they can exceed the expectations of their customers and build an industry-leading reputation.

Contact us now to arrange high-quality fabrication services for your pneumatic conveying system.

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