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When you need replacement parts for your pneumatic conveying system, speed is key to avoiding unnecessary and expensive system downtime. Yet most suppliers still use a slow and lengthy ordering process that can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity. To solve this problem, dry bulk material handling companies across the world are turning to PneuComponents.

As the industry’s first online pneumatic conveying retailer, PneuComponents allows you to order high-quality, customizable replacement parts in just a few clicks. That means no time wasted on long phone calls or detailed quotes – just instant access to industry-leading components that can:

  • Boost the efficiency of your system
  • Eliminate unnecessary system downtime
  • Save you money on maintenance and repairs
  • Raise your productivity and profitability


Who is PneuComponents?

PneuComponents is part of Progressive Products, Inc. So when you buy pneumatic conveying parts online from PneuComponents, you benefit from our 40+ years of technical expertise, industry innovation, and reliable service.

As dry bulk material handling specialists, we supply engineers, wholesalers, and end users with hard-wearing, long-lasting, and abrasion-resistant components in many different shapes and sizes. From grains, plastics, and pet foods to mining, cement, and water treatment, our products help manufacturers in the US and internationally achieve optimal performance.


PneuComponents Products

Abrasive wear is one of the toughest challenges to overcome in dry bulk material handling. That’s why we manufacture durable pneumatic conveying parts that stay in your system for longer. This long lifespan makes our products highly cost effective and lets you keep system downtime to a minimum.


Pneumatic Conveying Bends and Elbows

Bends and elbows are installed in pneumatic conveying systems to change and improve the flow of dry bulk product. But not all options are suitable for all systems. For smooth and consistent flow that doesn’t create too much wear, it’s important to choose well-designed components made from appropriate materials.

Our range of bends and elbows includes tube, pipe, and glass options. These are available in aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel to meet your production needs and budget. When ordering, you can customize the outer diameter, gauge/schedule, degree, centerline radius, and tangents to ensure you get the perfect fit for your system.


Compression Couplings

Compression couplings provide air tight connections between pipes in your pneumatic conveying system. This prevents line leaks, pressure drops, and excessive power consumption, resulting in increased uptime and productivity.

Fast-sealing compression couplings from PneuComponents are fabricated from heavy-gauge zinc-plated steel. They’re capable of applying uniform compression across an entire surface and are suitable for higher operating pressures. You can customize the outer diameter and number of bolts, and choose a gasket in a range of materials from silicone and rubber to black and white neoprene.


Custom-Manufactured Parts

If you can’t find the component you need in our online store, we can manufacture it for you in our 70,000 sq. ft. production facility in Pittsburg, Kansas. Get in touch with our expert team today to arrange custom manufacturing for your pneumatic conveying parts.


Buy Pneumatic Conveying Parts Online Today

The PneuComponents online store allows you to purchase durable, long-lasting bends, elbows, and couplings in a range of materials without the hassle of a long sales process. Simply select your product and its dimensions, add it to your basket, and complete a secure payment, and we’ll ship your parts as soon as we can.

Visit our online store now to quickly order high-quality pneumatic conveying components with ease.

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