The 8 Best Industry Publications About Pneumatic Conveying

While the pneumatic conveying industry generates around $25 billion dollars every year and is expected to grow almost 6% year on year to 2025, it remains relatively niche, so finding relevant, useful, or new publications or blogs is more difficult than you might expect. 

Additionally, a lot of the content that is out there is promotional or sales-focused, simply because pneumatic conveying systems and the associated products are part of a highly competitive industry. 

But never fear! If you’re interested in learning more about pneumatic conveying, we read the below industry publications and would recommend that you take a look.


Powder & Bulk Solids

The Powder & Bulk Solids website is the digital arm of the similarly-titled magazine. Its resources section contains a raft of regularly updated content, including news, blog posts, whitepapers, videos, and webinars all related to the pneumatic conveying industry.

You’ll also find more information about conveying equipment, the different industries pneumatic conveying is used in, industry trends, safety, and cost control.


Bulk Solids Innovation Center, Kansas State University

While this isn’t an industry publication per se, we’ve included the Bulk Solids Innovation Center (BSIC) at Kansas State University in Salina, KS, in this list because of the extensive research and training it undertakes.

BSIC provides solutions for problems related to pneumatic conveying systems. The institution conducts research (it’s the only university-level research center on bulk solids in North America) and testing on various types of materials, and offers training and graduate courses for industry professionals who want to improve their expertise in bulk solids conveyance.

This is where it gets interesting, as it’s a great way of expanding your knowledge of bulk solids and learning from true experts, whether you’re a professional or a student.


Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

Technically, Pneumatic Conveying Consultants doesn’t post content about pneumatic conveying systems, but we’ve included them here as the business owners, who provide professional expert services if you’re having problems with your pneumatic conveying system, are amongst the best in our industry.

The company has an in-depth knowledge on how to design and operate pneumatic conveying systems. Whichever industry or whatever type of facility you work in, if you run a pneumatic conveying system, Pneumatic Conveying Consultants should be in your little black book when you need to troubleshoot your equipment. They can also provide system designs and even testify in court as expert witnesses.


Powder and Bulk Engineering

Powder and Bulk Engineering (PBE) is a monthly trade magazine full of technical publications and insider tips. In circulation since 1987, you can trust PBE to keep you informed about industry news and events, updated on the latest information in the bulk solids market, and provide you with valuable tips on a range of topics. 

PBE is dedicated to providing readers with practical, quality information about bulk material handling processes and equipment. Beyond their industry tips and ‘Ask an Expert’ feature, readers can dig into technical articles and whitepapers that provide detailed information on a variety of subjects. Informative videos can also be found on the PBE website, including a few on pneumatic conveying equipment

If you’re involved in bulk material handling operations, you can’t go far wrong with PBE. Whether you need advice on handling fragile, temperature-sensitive or high-density materials, or whether you want to know more about the equipment you’re using, this website is an excellent resource.  


Bulk Online

Another informational hub for the handling of bulk solids and powders is Bulk Online. This website is home to a thriving community of industry professionals who you can have discussions with in topic-specific forums. If you’re looking for some advice on how best to maintain bulk material handling equipment, for example, or if you want to know more about quality control, these forums can be very helpful. 

If you are, as the website endearingly describes, a ‘bulkoholic,’ then you will also find the Bulk Blog very interesting. This is the centre of valuable content, from case studies and whitepapers to detailed articles focused on industry news. They also have a bank of nearly 600 videos that delve into how certain processes and equipment in bulk solids handling work. 

When it comes to pneumatic conveying systems, Bulk Online carries a lot of up-to-date information about the latest breakthroughs in the industry. We particularly enjoyed their article about the modernization of conveyors and how improved chute designs can maximize throughput while reducing the amount of dust produced. 


Bulk Inside

Powder and bulk solids handling professionals flock to Bulk Inside, and for good reason. This website is used as a leading resource for industry news, dry material processing innovations, and component guides for bulk material handling equipment. 

Bulk Inside includes information about an enormous range of process industry markets, like food processing, milling processing, and chemical processing, to name a few. They also have regularly updated ‘Technology Zones’ that report on all the different innovations and developments being made in the bulk solids industry - so keep your eye on that if you want to stay ahead of the curve. 

Another useful aspect of the Bulk Inside website is their equipment guide. This allows you to browse all the different categories of dry material handling equipment, and helps you find a specific component. 


The BlogMech Blog

The BlogMech blog is an excellent source of up-to-date, industry-based information for mechanical engineers and other workers in the manufacturing and construction sectors. It regularly publishes articles on a wide range of topics related to mechanical engineering as used in the various industries.

Categories of topics on the website include interviews with industry experts, manufacturing, automobile, and material handling. The material handling category is of special interest for systems engineers, sales engineers, and purchasing agents in the material handling industry, including those who work with or are responsible for pneumatic conveying systems.

There are several different topics under the material handling section of the website, and a good number of articles devoted to pneumatic conveying systems (we like this article on the classifications of pneumatic conveying systems).


The Progressive Products Blog

Of course, we couldn’t not include the Progressive Products blog on this list! Our aim is to provide relevant, dependable, and accurate information about the various components of a pneumatic conveying system. We upload new content regularly, and ensure you can find a wide range of information in there that you might not easily find anywhere else. 

As we specialize in pneumatic conveying elbows, you’ll also find resources on how to select elbows for your system and a complete guide to ceramic coated elbows.


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