Benefits of Pneumatic Conveying Systems for Paper Mills

Paper mills rely on multiple machines and equipment to perform various tasks, each with its unique characteristics and requirements. Pneumatic conveying systems can be an integral part of the paper manufacturing process by providing a safe, reliable way to transport wood and pulp from one place to another. 

Why Use a Pneumatic Conveyor?

A pneumatic conveyor is a bulk material handling system that uses pressurized gas, such as air, within a pipeline to transport materials over long distances. The flowing air propels the material from the beginning of the pipeline to the end, where it can be fed into another machine or storage container.

Pneumatic systems are often more viable and economically efficient ways to move bulk solids, like wood chips and pulp, over long distances than mechanical options such as conveyor belt systems. They are flexible, self-contained, and require low maintenance.


Flexible Design

A pneumatic conveying system is a simple, flexible design consisting of a network of small pipes that can be installed vertically or horizontally within the mill floor space, giving you great flexibility on where and how you use them. The lines themselves are small in diameter (usually 4 to 6 inches), allowing you to transport material over, under, or around your existing infrastructure.



An important benefit of pneumatic conveying systems is that they are entirely self-contained. This is valuable when dealing with wood chips — which can create problematic, combustible dust during transportation. When transported through a pneumatic system, all of the dust stays within the closed-loop system instead of spilling out into the mill, helping to keep the local environment clean, avoiding contamination, and reducing the risk of combustion.


Low Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages pneumatic conveying systems can offer paper mills is that they require very little maintenance compared to conveyor belt systems. The pneumatic system has few moving mechanical parts, making them easier to clean and less susceptible to unscheduled downtime. The pneumatic piping also doesn’t require lubrication like a mechanical conveyor, saving time and money and increasing productivity by requiring less labor to maintain.


Pneumatic conveying systems are a great way to help your paper mill be more efficient, safe, and productive. If you’re thinking of changing over to a pneumatic system from a mechanical one, or you need help with replacement parts for your current system, speak with our experts at Progressive Products so that we can find the right solution for you.

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